cloud security system to safeguard business data.

In today’s world most organizations are using cloud security system for data sharing and for their business purposes. What is cloud computing? The cloud computing is a mechanism of storing data and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a symbol for the Internet. There […]

Is web based help desk software system useful for business

Best it help desk software system Each year the landscape of internet based technologies is constantly expanding. In early year’s business technical support was largely carried out over the phone, email or by visiting to a authorized distributor in person. Now with dominance of internet, the technical support system has changed completely. The year of […]

The best free tech support ticket system software.

The best open source and free tech support ticket system software. Are you looking for the best open source and free tech support ticket system software? If yes then read below post to know about best free tech support ticket system software. What is the use of help desk ticketing software? The main goal of […]

Remove Ransomware | What is Ransomware?

A recent global cyber attack has been infecting more than 200,000 organizations in more than 150 countries. New malware ransomware hit the many systems and blocking access to it across the globe. WannaCry, Wannadecryptor, Wcry, rogueware or scareware are some of the specific  ransomware programs. Hackers have found some fault in Microsoft software and spreading […]

How to use Remote Desktop connection (RDP)

Do you know how to use Remote Desktop connection (RDP)? If not, then please read below info to know the usage of RDP. Remote Desktop connection What is RDP? RDP is short for Remote desktop protocol and is developed by Microsoft. It is a proprietary protocol used in Remote Desktop Connection. Rdc is a graphical […]