CMD is short for Command Prompt; it is the command line interpreter that comes for free with every version of Windows. This interpreter is very useful to deal with some work that is not happening with graphical user interface of Operating systems. There are many other situation where you need to only run your system with command prompt; such as whenever your repairing your system or trying to remove virus and malware from your system. Therefore, learning command prompt tricks can help you a lot. Here, I will share some of the Best Command prompt tricks, so read below.

Best Command Prompt Tricks

 Compare Files:

If you want to compare two files that are same or not, then you can use command “fc”.
This command is especially useful when you are dealing with lot of writing projects. So, Please follow below steps to compare two similar looking files.

  1. Press windows+R and type CMD to open command prompt.
  2. Then type ‘fc’ without quotes.
  3. Then specify path and file name and hit enter.


Removes data on unused portions of a volume. Path name can indicate any directory on the desired volume.

The free storage you see right there on any hard drive partition on your computer may not be completely available. This is because a file is never deleted permanently on first attempt and it still occupies space which makes it recoverable.

Type ‘cipher /w:path’ and it will start wiping out the free storage.


You can use ping command to check whether internet is working or not. Type ping command with IP address and hit enter. Results will be displayed on your screen.

If server is not up you will see request time out.

If server is up then you will see sending and receiving of data. The following screen will show you that server is up and running.

best command prompt tricks

If you want know the more command prompt tips, read post useful commands

Best Command Prompt Tricks


To know the active connections on your network use “” command at the command prompt. It shows all active connection, finds out statistics of every network connection.


Whenever you are not able to connect to a particular website, if you wish to know the exact problem then you can use ‘tracert’ command at the command prompt with website name.

Ex: ‘tracert’

The tracert command is often used with other networking related Command Prompt commands like ping, ipconfig, netstat, nslookup, and others.


Driverquery is a command that tells you list of all installed drivers and their properties.

Using this command you can find installed driver as module name, display name, driver type and link date.

Therefore, There are several commands available that are useful at command prompt. I only indexed some of the commands among them.

I thought these are very useful commands.

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