Make your blog index on search engines.

Are you searching for the tips to make your blog index/visible to search engines?.

If you are looking for it, then this post will be helpful to you.

If you do not have a website, i would recommend you to read  how to build a website for any niche.

Whenever you need something – a product, a piece of information, or contact information. What would you do?. You search on google, then google process it among billion of search results. So, it’s no wonder that so many companies are scrambling to get involved in search engine optimization.

In this post, I have written some tips for making your blog  index/visible on search engines.

Read and implement below mentioned tips to get more attention by search engines.

1 Check Privacy Settings

Make sure that your blog is visible to search engines, by changing your privacy setting in wordpress to allow search engines to index you blog.

Follow below steps.

WP Dashboard→Settings→Reading→Allow Search Engines To Index This Site.

Not doing this may restrict your blog to the number of search engines.

2 Professional Blog Design:

Use attractive theme for your blog, so that it can impress eyes of your new visitors. Blog design is very important to increase blog index/ visible to search engine.

Therefore, choose good theme for your blog carefully. There are many free and paid themes available on internet. Or you can choose free theme from wordpress.

3. Make your site load faster:

It is not important factor to get noticed by sear engines, but a faster site usually leads to a better user experience that means a higher conversion rate. Thus, Users do like sites that are loading faster and would like to visit your site frequently.

So, You can improve your loading speed by optimizing your images using good cache plug in and optimizing visible or blog index4 Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

Increase your blog visibility by submitting URL to different search engines such as google, yahoo, bing etc.

 5 Blog promotion and back-links:

Quality and natural back links are very important to get identify by search engines. Back links can help you in increasing blog page rank. So, find strategies for back links for your site/blog. Below are some tips:

  • Go for guest post in popular sites/blogs so that you can noticeable by the readers.
  • Do reply for comments of your blog post
  • Share your blog post in social networking sites.
  • Offer email alert service to readers.
  • Register yourself on social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, google+, stumble upon, linkedin, etc.
  • Frequently link your new blog post to you social networking site.
  • Read articles in your niche and share your thought about article and get back links from them.
  • SEO is also one of the important factor for successful blogging. You can read more about SEO structure of website.

6.Update content

Content is the heart of your blog. So frequently add new and quality content to your blog/ site.

Be aware of the new things in your niche, write new content or update your content.

Does it really work?

Yes, as long as you are updating your site with fresh content there are chances of increasing rank by search engines and as well as new visitors. find out your website traffic.

7. Weed out 404 errors.

What is 404 error?

404 errors are annoying for users. It means that content is deleted or its permalink name has changed to other. Hence, Setting up a 301 redirect or restoring the page if you notice a 404 error.

So, always try to restore a page or use a 301 redirect to 404 errors.

make sure to increase your website security. here you can find website security tips.

 8 interact with readers:

Always encourage your blog readers to comment on blog posts. Reply to your user’s comment.

Even they are criticizing, as a blogger you must address their queries.

You should always be ready to interact with other bloggers.

Therefore, I hope this post will be helpful you to increase your site/blog visibility to search engines.

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