Do you know how to connect two computers using Wi fi network router or without router?

If not then this post will be helpful to you.

Here, I will let you know how to connect two computer with router and without router. So, please read below.

Usually, people wants to connect two computers using router for transferring photos, other file and to share internet connection.

How to connect them?

There are two options

  1. use Ethernet cross over cable.
  2. Connect using a router

If you would like to know, how to connect two computers without router then read this article.   Use Ethernet cross over cable.

Connect two computer using  Wi Fi Network router:

Connect two computers using  wi fi network router

Here, we will see how to connect two computer using router.

Please follow below steps:

 Hardware Setup

1) Connect Ethernet cable from the computer port to the port on wi fi network router. You can even make this connection wireless if your PC has wireless network card.

2) Connect another Ethernet cable from your laptop’s port to the router’s port. Likewise, you can also make this                connection wireless.

3) Wait until each computer recognizes the router. Once recognized, then hardware portion of your setup is now              complete.

Enable File Sharing

4) Press windows, then select Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing      settings.

5) Check on “Turn on Network Discovery” and “Turn on File and Printer Sharing” under the Public (Current Profile)      heading.

6) Click “Turn on Password Protected Sharing” for additional security. (optional)

7) Click “Save Changes.”

For file sharing in between two computers follow below steps:

 1) Press “Win-E” to open Windows Explorer. Select the folder you wish to share with other computer. Right click on       folder and then select “Share With” option from the dropdown list. Select “Homegroup (Read/Write).” Or                     Homegroup (Read).”

2) Open Window explorer then select “Network” from left panel. Click on the name of the remote computer to which      you’re attempting to connect.

3) If prompted for admin username and password then give correct details to connect remotely with other computer.      Hence, You can now share file between two computers.

Therefore, In this manner you can connect two computers with router to share files in between them.

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