Google Assistant SDK

now google assistant SDK is available.

Google is one of the top most search engine, it also provides many internet related products and services. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing services and many more.

Google is providing many free web services for webmasters, Ex. Google webmaster tool.

Recently, Google announces availability of Assistant SDK to everyone. That means, anybody can download it and run Google Assistant on their choice of devices.

Google Assistant SDK

Below are some of the highlights of Google Assistant SDK  announcement.

  • Google Assistant SDK now available..
  • Developers can use the Assistant to built in to their project.
  • Google says SDK ideal for prototyping on Raspberry Pi devices.
  • It is not for commercial use.
  • There is no fee to download and to use for development purpose only.
  • gRPC API also available.

Google Assistant SDK lets developer to add voice control, natural language to make your device smarter. Now, developers can build Google Assistant in their projects as Google made Assistant SDK available to everyone.

This SDK includes a sample reference code in python for prototyping on hardware Raspberry Pi, for developing in another platform you can generate binding from gRPC API, refer Google Assistant SDK

The Google Assistant SDK will allow user to capture a spoken query then that can be routed to the Google Assistant service and receive a spoken audio response.

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This SDK is ideal for prototyping on Raspberry Pi devices.

“This is a developer preview and we have a number of features in development including hotword support, companion app integration and more,” said Chris Ramsdale, Product Manager, Google in an announcement blog post.

The Google Assistant API developer preview is free to use for development purposes only

Google also encourages developers to build a commercial product with the Google Assistant in collaboration with the company.

Also read more about it click here: Google SDK

Therefore, anybody can use free sdk  for development purpose.

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