The traffic and rank of a website will depend on its content, navigation, design and its SEO structure. Many websites doesn’t follow these basic steps and they will end up with low traffic to the site. If you want to get good  traffic  to you site then you must follow SEO structure. You must be able to guide search engines to locate your site index, as search engines uses site back end SEO structure to rank higher of your website.

SEO Structure

Here I’ll tell you some important tips for SEO structure.

Use of HTML tags:

You shouldn’t be master in html tags to optimize your site. If you have some knowledge about basic tags, still you can optimize your site without knowing technical stuff.

Below are such some useful tags, that will help you in enhancing you page optimization.

  • Use Header tags H1 and H2 in your site for better optimization.
  • Use of images with IMG tag, Use image which have not exceeding over 100kb
  • Meta data: By using this tag you can add keywords, tags, basic description of site that will boost your page rank.
  • Anchor Text: Search engines give a lot of importance to anchor text links for improving their SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). If you have good amount of anchor text links with relevant keyword then there are higher chances of traffic towards a page of your site. Always, try to use relevant keyword when you are linking any particular text instead of using regular template, ie “click here”.

SEO structureSitelinks:

Sitelinks are a listing format in the SERPs that show your site’s main page along with several internal links indented below.

Critical Errors:

Make sure your website shouldn’t throws http errors, it creates bad impression on your site and your site will end up with lower rank by search engines. Always, avoid these critical http errors or fix them as soon as possible to increase your site rank in search engines. So, use redirection tools for the pages that have been permanently moved to new link.

Ex.  400 – Bad File Request,   404 File Not Found, 408 Request Timeout, 500 Internal Error

503 Service Unavailable are some of errors.

Always fix the above errors, as they affect on your site rank.

Do-Follow & No-Follow Attributes:

Do-Follow and No-Follow are the two most important attributes,that suggest the spiders to index through the link and crawl. So, this is the reason why most website link internally to allow the bots to crawl within their website.

Similarly No-Follow is used to guide the bots to ignore the link completely. Too many of these do-follow or no-follow links might affect your website in long run.

External Links and internal links:

External links are nothing but the hyperlinks that are pointing to any other external domain.

Never link your site with bad sources that are violating search engine rules and country rules.

Internal links are opposite to external links, that is, hyperlinks pointing towards your site.

You should also take care of the Inlinks and Outlinks from all the pages linking to a URI.

Site speed:

A website page speed depends on size of content, that includes both text, audio, video and graphical content. Thus, don’t use bundle of loads on your page, that results in site performance as it loads very slowly. Google always concentrate on page speed, as it directly connects with the user experience and bounce rate.

If the visitors are experiencing low page speeds, then they will leave page quickly. This is very bad for your site reputation and you might be losing traffic to your site. Hence, You can avoid these kinds of issues with necessary changes like page compression, editing images and etc. to increase your site speed.


If you delete or move any page to other location, then it will be a good practice to use redirect of page.

3o1 Redirect – Moved Permanently

302 Redirect – Found or Moved Temporarily

There are many plugins in WordPress that will help you to redirect a particular page to some other page without losing any traffic.

XML Sitemap:

Any website which doesn’t have an XML sitemap is considered to perform very well. For better ranking of your site you must generate your site xml map and submit it to google.

There are many free plugins are available for generating xml site map.

The above said are some important factors of SEO structure, that can help you to increase your search appearance on google.

Therefore, I hope this article will help you to know about SEO structure.

If you want to add any valid points to it, then please comment below.

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