There might be many scenarios where you need to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentation.

Here, I will let you know how to insert videos in PowerPoint presentation.

Why to insert videos in PowerPoint?

There may be some situation where you want to use YouTube video as an example for better understanding of your presentation to the viewers. Here, in this situation you would like to insert videos.

Insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentation

You can insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint presentations in two ways.

  1. embed the Flash video in the slide if you have good internet speed.
  2. You can link to the YouTube video from the slide that will play when you click on the link.
Embed YouTube Videos into PowerPoint:

If you have very good internet connection then you can go with this option. Download YouTube wizard plug-in and it will add a new “insert YouTube video” command to you power point tool bar.

You only need to type url and follow the wizard instructions to fetch videos to your current power point slide.


Play YouTube Videos in PowerPoint without Internet:

If you don’t have enough or slow internet speed then you can follow the below procedure.

First download the video from YouTube that would you like to insert in your current slide of power point.

Next is to convert video format in either windows media or AVI format, Since power point doesn’t understand the default FLV or MP4 formats of  YouTube.

Then go to PowerPoint and choose insert a Movie from file to add video in current slide.

Below is the screenshot for the above explanation.Insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint

Therefore, by following these simple steps will help you to insert you tube videos into you presentation.

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