Do you know the meaning of web hosting terms and jargon?

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In this post, I’ll introduce you to some terms of web hosting.

Now a day’s every small or big company making their online presence. To make online presence, the required web tool is web hosting, but many are unaware of terms related to it.

Hence, I will tell you about common web hosting jargon terms, that will help you to choose right web host.

Meaning of Web Hosting TermsWeb Hosting Terms

To make presence of you business online you need to have domain, server space (web hosting) and web pages or application that describes about business to your customer. Please read below general web hosting terminology to choose right web host.

   Domain name – The address of a website. It is an alphanumeric string. For ex: Hence, you can choose domain name with other extension like .org,.net, .in, .au, .uk etc.

File Hosting –Hosting enables you to upload files, images, etc., to the internet from your computer. You can access the service either using HTTP method or via FTP access. Thus, You need to purchase hosting from the host providers such go daddy, blue host, etc.

    Bandwidth : Bandwidth is the quantity of data that can be transferred from website to the user. it is the amount of data that can be downloaded from the server. The bandwidth rates differ from company to company as per their packages. Most of all host provider companies providing unlimited band width with their packages.

Disk Space – Disk space represents the hard disk space on server or you can call it as virtual space allocated to customers by hosting providers. Nowadays most of the web hosts provide unlimited disk space or storage with their plan

    Database :  Database or DB is a collection of data in one or more number of files.

Control Panel – control panel is like the dashboard, where you can manage access different tools effectively. The control panels like cPanel, you will get access to server logs, email account configurations, database management, and visitor statistics, file manager, etc.

    FTP :– It is short for File Transfer Protocol is a program that will allow you to upload and download files to and from the server.

    Dedicated Server – It is a service provided by the host providers, where a server dedicated to a website. Purchasing dedicated server will make your site load faster and it can handle traffic of your site easily, but it costs higher than other hosting package.

Shared Hosting – In shared hosting, multiple websites will share the same server and its resources. Shared hosting is affordable and as well as effective if your site have less traffic.

VPS Hosting – It is short for Virtual Private Server, which is a type of hosting in which one server is split into two and each will perform as a server. These kind of hosting are less expensive than dedicated hosting and has more features and qualities than the shared hosting.

Therefore, I hope now you have good understanding of these terms.

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