New emojis with hair

Good news for the people those who uses emojis in chatting. Soon you might find new emojis.

For the years people have been using emoji in chatting to show their expression. Now it is time to use new hair emoji. Recently Unicode committee shares information about new hair Emojis styles.

As Unicode Technical Committee, the geniuses behind emoji creation are considering the addition of four new emojis to its current emojis list. Unicode team might introduce these new emojis in mid of 2018.

Although, new emojis progress will be slow because it is challenge for the committee to address a number of competing implementation issues. So, that’s the reason Unicode committee may inroduce new emojis in mid of 2018.

Good news for those who are looking for new varieties of emoji styles.

Therefore,thanks to Unicode committee.


new emojis with hair

Some interesting info about Emoji

The word Emoji comes from Japan. In Japan language, the meaning of E is picture and the meaning of emoji is character. The similarity to the English word emotion and emoticons is purely coincident.

Emoji s are ideograms and we use in electronic messages and web pages.  We use Emoji in chatting to show emotions. They exist in various genres, such as facial expressions, places, animals and type of weather.

 Originating on Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990’s. emoji have become increasingly popular worldwide since their international inclusion in Apple’s iPhone, which was followed by similar adoption by Android and other mobile operating systems ( source from: Wikipedia)

From 2010 on wards, some emoji character sets have been incorporated into Unicode in 2010. a standard system for indexing characters, which has allowed them to be used outside Japan and to be standardized across different operating systems.

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