Private and public cloud computing

You might heard of words cloud technology, private cloud technology and public cloud technology.

But what all are these? If you have this question then read this post to know more details about them.

In this post I’ll define these terms for you and also I will list out some of its uses, features and also differences between private cloud technology and public cloud technology. So, keep reading below.

What is cloud technology? Or cloud computing technology definition.

The cloud technology is a mechanism of storing and accessing data over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  There is no physical connection between data transferring computer and data retrieving computer. They only communicate through the internet. Thus, the cloud is just a symbol for the Internet.

What is private cloud technology?

In private cloud, data is stored in company data center and its maintenance is the responsibility of the company.

Private cloud technology also have names as internal cloud or enterprise cloud or corporate cloud technology.

Private cloud is dedicated to a single organization and is resides on the company’s intranet or hosted data center; that stores all of its data that is protected by a firewall.

So, It is very well suited for business that needs dynamic computing.

What is public cloud technology? Or public cloud definition.

In public cloud technology; data is stored in the provider’s data center and provider is the responsible for the maintenance of the data center.  Hence, This type of cloud environment is fascinating to many companies; because it reduces lead times in testing and deploying new products.

Now you have basic understanding of terms cloud, public and private technology. In addition to this I would define few more terms which i used in this post.

They are: what is a cloud provider and what is a cloud user or client or customer:

What is a cloud provider?

A cloud provider is an organization which offers cloud based services to the cloud users or client.

What is cloud user or client or customer?

A cloud user or client or customer is an organization or individual that are rendering cloud services from the Cloud provider.

Now Let know the similarity and difference.

Private and public cloud computing similarities and differences.

Private and public cloud computing

Private vs public cloud or what are difference b/w them?

The main difference b/w public and private cloud technology is the data center management and maintenance. In public cloud, provider manage the data center; and in private cloud, data center management responsibility is in the company hands.

Both deployment models differ – In public clouds, share a computing infrastructure across different with other users. Where as in private, computing resources will not be share with anyone.

Hence, The companies that have expensive data center can opt for private cloud technology.

What are the similarities?

  1. Public cloud technology and private cloud technology deliver similar advantages including scalability and self- service through a proprietary architecture.
  2. Both serve to the organizations.
  3. Both provide security to the data centers. Read more about cloud security technologies
  4. Private cloud can provide better security comparing to public cloud.
  5. Changing computing resources on demand.

Therefore, I hope this post will give you clear understanding of terms like cloud technology, private cloud technology, public cloud technology and Private and public cloud computing similarities and differences.

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