How to know PC is infected with malware and how to remove malware from pc?
Do you notice new toolbar, links to your web browser?
Is your Default home page, mouse pointer, search tool bar changes?

You typed for specific website but are taken to some other website.

These all are the signs, that your pc has malware. Now a days it is easy to get pc or mac contract with malware; reason is hackers are becoming more diligent in working with advertiser to install toolbar on user’s browsers, so they can get paid.

Remove malware from PC.Remove malware

How to remove malware?

You can remove malware in two ways:

1) manual method

2)software tool.

1)Using Manual method:

The manual way to remove adware is typically the same as the most browsers. Here I will use Google Chrome as an example for removing malware. Follow below steps.

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Click on three dot at upper right corner and select settings, then switch to extensions.
  3. In extensions, check for extension that causing issue, disable it and then delete them permanently

Sometimes you will have malware that installs itself on your PC, then check for application in programs folder

  1. Click windows icon and type uninstall a program.
  2. You will see all of your programs and uninstall the programs causing the issue.

2)Using Malware Software for Your PC

Using software tools like Malwarebytes, WindowsDefender or any such tool, you can remove malware from your pc. Please follow below steps.

  1. The first step is to disconnect internet because any virus or malware program needs to connect with internet to transfer data to hackers.
  2. Restart you PC then use F8 or any other keyboard short cut that can open “Advance boot options”, then select safe mode option.
  3. Now you compute is in safe mode, then click start menu and type Disk Cleanup to open.
  4. Select drive from the drop down list to delete all temp files.
  5. Run malware scanner that installed previously, it will detect malware and remove it. 


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Remove malware from MAC

In a Mac we will show you how to remove it manually or through a malware program. Please follow below steps.

Manual method for mac

Go to Safari click on Preferences then go to Extensions.

Check for the plug-in that you are not familiar with then click on uninstall.

Using Malware Software for Your Mac

You can use any anti malware  or virus removal tool to remove malware from your Mac.

Run the malware program and it should remove your malware.

If for any reasons the above said methods do not work then you may have a serious malware problem. Then, take you pc or mac to a Certifie profiessional.

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