Do you know how to use Remote Desktop connection (RDP)?

If not, then please read below info to know the usage of RDP.

Remote Desktop connection

What is RDP?

RDP is short for Remote desktop protocol and is developed by Microsoft. It is a proprietary protocol used in Remote Desktop Connection. Rdc is a graphical interface that allows user to connect one computer with the another computer over network connection.  By default, it is available on window operating system and no need to download as a software to your computer. We can use Remote desktop connection to connect one computer with another one that is running under Window operating system. Both systems must be connected to a same network or to the internet.

What is the use of it?

There are many uses of it, such as you can access all of your work computer’s programs, files and other resources from your home computer and vice versa.

What is remote computer?

A remote computer is a computer to which a user does not have a physical access but he or she can access it via some other computer network.

How to connect two systems with RDP?

To connect to a remote computer, it must be turned on and it should have a network, remote desktop must be enabled. You must have permissions to connect to network of a remote computer. So, Please follow below steps in detail.

Allow remote connection on a computer:

1) Press windows, then move cursor to computer and right click on it to select properties.

2) Click on Remote settings and select either allow connections from computer running any version of RD or with network under Remote Desktop.

3) Click select user, if your user account is not listed under Remote desktop users click on add to list your user account.

4) In select users box, type the name of the user under Enter the object names to select, and then click ok.

Please find below screen shot of the above elaboration:

You will not be able to connect system that is sleeping or hibernating. So, change setting for sleep or hibernating by switching to this window:  Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings.

Please find below screenshot.

Remote desktop connection


To start a RDP on the computer to work:

1)Press window button, type Remote Desktop Connection and press enter.

2) In the computer box, type the name of the computer.

3)  Give required credentials to login.

Please find below screen shot for the above elaboration.


Remote desktop connectionTherefore, Once connected to the remote computer, you can easily access files and other data from it to the another computer.



1) To know the full name of the computer click on start menu and hover mouse to computer and then select properties;  then look for Computer name, domain, and work group settings.

2) make sure of allowing remote desktop connection from your firewall settings.


That’s it!!.

If you follow above steps then you can easily connect your office computer with the home computer using Remote Desktop connection.

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