In this post I will share some useful keyboard shortcuts for windows.

Well, most of all aware of  basic keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Alt+F4 and Ctrl+Alt+DEL , etc for performing various functionalities on computer.

There are many other shortcuts are also available but we tend to overlook.  we can save our lot of time by using these short cuts. These keyboard shortcuts are useful for both average and advanced PC users.

Hence, In this article I will share a list of such amazing keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list:

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key + D: Use this keyboard shortcut and then it quickly minimize open windows and to show the desktop.

Windows + L: It is useful to lock computer.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete : Use this keyboard short cut, consequently to “Enable or disable secure logon.”

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: This key switches to directly Task manager.

Ctrl+T: To a new tab in browsers.

Ctrl+Shift+T: To reopen closed tab.useful keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+P :  This quickly opens Print dialog box.

Alt+Enter: To insert .com to the address bar after writing domain name.

Ctrl +D: To open bookmark of a page at the browser.

Shift+Enter :use this shortcut, consequently to inserts .net extension to the domain name.

Ctrl+Shift+Delete: Switches to the tab that delete history of the browser.

Ctrl+W: Use this shortcut and then it closes the current tab of the browser.

Ctrl+H: makes the history appear.

Ctrl + Page Up: To move cursor to top of the page

Ctrl +Page Down: To switch cursor to bottom of page while working on page

Ctrl+0: Reset the webpage’s zoom.

Ctrl++: To Zoom in web page

Ctrl+-:  It Zooms out web page.

F6: To reach address bar of the browser

Windows +M: Minimizes all open windows.

Windows key+Pause/Break: Quickly open the system properties dialog box.

F1: To quickly open Help box.

If you would like to know the use of function keys just follow the below link. Click here.

Shift: Hold this key while inserting a device to stop auto run of the device.

Ctrl+F: This will open find option for any program.

Ctrl+S: use this shortcut, as a result to Save a file.

Space Bar: By pressing space bar moves the page down in a browser.

Alt+Tab: To switch between two tabs.

Ctrl+Tab: Cycle between tabs in your browser.

Ctrl+F5: Clears the cache and refreshes the current tab.

Alt+Enter: To open the file’s properties.

There are many other keyboard short cuts are available, but I’ve listed only few of them which I found very useful.

Therefore, use above keyboard shortcuts to save your time while working.

If you would like to add any valid point to this post then add you comment below.

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