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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app for the smart phones in the world. There are many uses of this app. WhatsApp allows users to send messages in up to 10 local languages. So, Read below to know the useful whatsapp tips

Here, I will share some important features of WhatsApp for newbies.

1. Text formatting    

WhatsApp users have text formatting options. WhatsApp allows users to change the format of the messages into italicize, bold or strikethrough of selected text.

Hence, Use below template for text formatting

  • _text_ :for italicize text
  • *text* : for bold text
  • ~text~: for strikethrough text

2. Forward message to multiple contacts

Now you can forward your whatsapp messages to multiple contacts. In earlier version, you can only able to forward to one contact.WhatsApp Tips

3. Send messages to multiple users.

You can send messages to multiple contacts by creating a broadcast list.

To create a broadcast list tap three dots and then select list of contacts and click correct mark. You can only see the created broadcast group and your recipients will not be able to see broadcast group.

Now you can send messages to multiple contacts. Your recipients will receive message as separate message, and their reply will be appear to you as separate message.

In this way, You can make a WhatsApp call or video call to your contacts.

4. Video call or call option

To activate a call switch to calling screen and the tap calling contact list on top right corner of the screen, then select the contact and call will be automatically connected.

As a result, Call log will displayed on calling screen.

5. Check chats that are using majority space.

WhatsApp users on iPhone can see which chats are using the most space.This can help when you are running out of space and need to figure out the contact that using majority space

To check that; open Settings then go to Data and Storage Usage, and select Storage Usage. Here you will see the list of contacts that using most space. Here you cam delete or backup data to free up space.

6.Block contacts.

If you are getting messages from unknown people and you do not want receive messages from them then you have option to block them from sending messages. You can also report spam of such contact.

Tap on the contact and click on block.

7.Privacy settings:

You can stop others to see your profile image, last seen contact and your status by choosing options My contacts or nobody under privacy menu.

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Therefore, above are some of the useful whatsapp tips.

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