virtual call center

What it is?.

Well, A virtual call center is a call center in which one organization representatives (both free lancers & regular employees) operating their work related functionalities from different places, rather than operating their functions from work stations in a building operated by the organization.

or in other simple terms:

VCC is  a phone support service for the products of business where agents virtually providing support to clients.

There are some statistics on the internet; that the percentages of many workers are working their some or all of their work; from home is drastically increasing every year. So, with availability of the internet and the advancement of virtual call center technology, it is the time for work from home movement.

In Virtual call center, agents only need a computer and internet connection to start working. This system allows agents to communicate with company supervisors even they are not physically located at same place. So, supervisors can provide support to the agents and they can also monitor their agents work.

Who is virtual call center agent?

A virtual call center agent is an agent; who works from home on behalf of organization as a freelancer and provide support on products to the customers.

Agents are working remotely means organizations can reduce their traditional call center size.

How Virtual Call Centers Works.

A Customer dials a service support number under impression that call reaches to physical department within a business but, it reaches to a virtual call center. Consequently,  agent handles that call from his/her home office on behalf of business organization and provide required support to the customer.

virtual Call center

What are the benefits with virtual call center?

Representative need not come to office to perform their day to day duties. They can operate from their home or from any other place. Basically, it provide flexible work environment for the employees.

Most of the employees work from homes and they are free lancers (not permanent employees of the company).

There will be no dress code. (It depends on live or offline).

For the organization, the virtual call center model saves infrastructure such as building, work stations, internet connection and other equipment costs. They can operate with lower employees.

Organizations can provide customer services around the clock (i.e.: 24/7).

For organization sake they can reduces their cost expenditure.

Cost effective for the organization on many aspects.

Apart from cost effective, it provides an option to engage with customers.

Who uses it?.

When customers call for product support and get courteous, helpful support; then they feel like they are dealing with trustworthy company. But, deploying a call center for business is expensive. So, small businesses are using virtual call center system and hiring agent for their business support.

Call center software features

For small businesses, the virtual call center model system includes the required software, hardware and networking infrastructure used to set up and manage a VCC.

Switching to a virtual call center model can be very beneficial. It gives more flexible work environment and many other benefits. There are many website that provide a platform for the companies or individuals to hire resources for their project requirements. Examples of such websites are freelancer, fivver, odesk,etc.

Apart from being cost-effective, a virtual call center offers a way to engage with customers and provide support without interrupting the day-to-day operations of your business.

VCC services are also often available 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days a year. Therefore, your customers will always have someone to speak with, even on weekends and holidays.

Therefore, Virtual call center or VCC is really helpful for small businesses.

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