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Each year the landscape of internet based technologies is constantly expanding. In early year’s business technical support was largely carried out over the phone, email or by visiting to a authorized distributor in person. Now with dominance of internet, the technical support system has changed completely. The year of 2011 saw a massive increase in the number of businesses that have integrated web based help desk software system or best it help desk software into their customer service system. There are many free tech support ticket system software available in the market.

In today’s world web based support is one of the key strategies for business growth. At the same time web has also provided business with many advantages especially when it comes to customer service.

Web based help desk software system

Web based help desk software system (Also read useful post: What is virtual call center technology?) is one of the key factor in business growth and it is useful providing immediate help to its customers.  If you are not providing web based help desk support for your business then you may be overlooking some of the benefits that are mentioned below.


Simple helpdesk ticketing system:

web based help desk software


The main goal in customer service is to identify customer problem and fix them as much as early. By having strong and simple helpdesk ticketing system, web based helpdesk support system along with regular support system for your business; you can quickly identify and solve your customer issues.

You can even set up FAQ for the questions that you get very often. So that, your customers can visit to it and solve their issues with the product.


The biggest advantages with the web based support system is the ability to take accurate notes and information from the customer that causing problem and then you can share it to concern team to fix the issue. It’s a simple thing but it actually increases your performance.


With the web based tech support system you are giving opportunity to your customers to fix their issues whenever they needed. Whether they are at home, office or at any place in the world they can fix product related issues by accessing web support system with their mobiles, tabs and laptops.

 pros and cons:

Internet based customer support can exist in a variety of forms from FAQ to live chat with a specialist. There are both pros and cons of using customer support service over the internet.

Now look at some pros:

1) Customer can get help from any place whether they are at home, office or at vacation.

2) Consumers need not wait for hours of time to speak with specialist. (When specialist dealing with other customers or call transfer to other departments.)

3) Web based support system (read online help desk software free) automatically directs the consumer to the correct department based on the information they have entered in online web form.

4) Large scale business transactions can be carried out easily.

5) Very often queries related to product can be place at FAQ.


1) Security concern when entering personal and sensitive information on internet.

2) If company has weak security system then user’s database will be compromised.

Read post about cloud security technologies for better web based security system.

3) It will be irritating for the customers with robotic sound response that is irrelevant to the query.

4) It is not good thing to ask your customers to upload documents that contains sensitive info.

There are of course many other pros and cons other than what I have included here.  If you are a business owner that has had some success with web-based customer support I would love to hear from you below.

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