You have a website. Have you taken necessary web site security tips to safeguard your site?

In this page I will share some of the important tips to secures your site.

Online security is important and website owners need to take some security steps to safeguard their site. In order to secure your WordPress site, there are a few things to follow, please find below are some of the web site security tips;

Web site security tips.Web site security tips

1.Use Tested Plugins

Always use well tested plug-ins that are tested from well known sources.  Plug-ins from generally scans before they’re added to plug-in directory.

In order to download your WordPress security plugin you need to follow below steps:

First of all go to the dashboard and click on ‘Plugin’;

  1. Click ‘Add New’ and search for the different plugins that you want.
  2. Click on ‘Install Now’ and simply follow the prompts to download it.
  3. Next, go to ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Installed Plugins’ to find your new security plugin, click ‘Activate’.

It is good idea to delete plug-ins that are not in use.  Thus, please follow below steps for deleting a plug in.

  1. On the dashboard go to Plugins, click on ‘Installed Plugins’.
  2. Find the plugin you want to delete and click the box.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu and click ‘Bulk Action’.
  4. Click on ‘Delete’ and follow the prompts.

2.Create Strong Passwords

Most of the people use one password for all of their accounts for many reasons, but such kind of practice will lead to security breach to you site.

Instead of using regular and generic password for your site, use a password that is mixture of letters, numbers and special symbols. As a result, you can provide more security to safeguard your site.

Do not use name and date of birth, or your personal information as a password. If you are using such passwords, it is highly recommended that immediately change password otherwise, your site security may be compromised.

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3.Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can improve your WordPress security greatly.  In this process you need to validate your account details in 2 steps. Please find below steps to set up this security feature.

Click on the Plugin menu and search for Two Factor Authentication.

Click on ‘Install’ button.

Once installed, activate your security plugin through the plugin menu. This can be done by the following steps:

Go to Settings > Site-Wide Settings > Two Factor Authentication.

Activate your plugin by the user settings entry in the top-level menu ‘Two Factor Auth’.

4.Disable File Editing

Another way to help secure your account is by disabling the file editor, when the file editor is active, it gives any users ability to run PHP codes on your WordPress site.

5.Backup your website Files :

Back up  your files on regular basis. This will help you to secure your account even If you suddenly lose your data. To find out how to back up your account data and files, please go to

Hence, I hope this post will help you to make your website more secure by following above simple steps.

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