A recent global cyber attack has been infecting more than 200,000 organizations in more than 150 countries. New malware ransomware hit the many systems and blocking access to it across the globe. WannaCry, Wannadecryptor, Wcry, rogueware or scareware are some of the specific  ransomware programs. Hackers have found some fault in Microsoft software and spreading this ransomware. Please find some of below information about ransom-ware and how to remove ransomware from your system.

Info about ransomware:

remove ransowmare

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is kind of a cyber attack that involves hackers taking control to your system, restricts and blocking access to your computer system until victim releases payment to the hackers.

From where does it come?

Ransomware can affect your system via your browser, if you access a website that is infected with this kind of malware or via email attachments.

How hackers gain access to your system?

Hackers tempt victims to download malicious software to their system. Once the software is on a victim’s computer then hackers can launch an attack that locks all files that can find within a network.

Why hackers spreading this ransomware?

Hacker’s spreading this because of money and they normally ask money in the form of bitcoin, online crytpto currency.

What will happen if your system has ransomware?

When victim access software, it tells victim that their files have been encrypted. It also shows some instruction what to do next and gives them a few days to pay up with a warning that their files will be deleted.


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remove ransomware

Remove ransomware from your system

How to recognize RANSOM WARE?

In most cases, you may not be able to access your system.

Do you need to pay if you are a ransom-ware victim?

It is not a good idea to pay because it encourages hackers. Instead of paying to them, use anti ransom-ware tool  or restore your system data from the backup disk (if you have previously taken a backup) to get access to your system.

How to remove ransomware?

Using antivirus and using ransomware removal tool can help you to remove this kind of malware from your system. Ex. For removal tool are  bitdefender, avast, Alcatraz Locker, Globe, and TeslaCrypt or you can google it for additional tools

Steps to remove ransomware

There are two ways to remove ransomware :

1)  Use safe mode with networking

2) use safe mode with command prompt

In first method, you need to start your system in safe mode with networking by pressing F8 button at boot time.

Then install any ransomware removal tool and scan your system. Once, scan is completed then it will delete infected malware automatically and you must be able to access your system, Tool will display a scan detailed report.

If you unable to access 1st method, then you can use 2nd method to eliminate this malware. In this method, you need to download ransomware removal tool to another system, transfer it to removable device(USB) and run it on infected system in safe mode with command prompt.

How to prevent ransom-ware attacks?

back up all your system data is one option. Make sure that your system must be having antivirus software and firewall protection.

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