Do you know how to use WhatsApp as private store for documents on your mobile or compute?

If not then this post is for you to know, how to use WhatsApp as a private document storage space.

Here, I will make you to understand how you can use your whatsapp as private store for documents. So, read below article to know more about it.

WhatsApp as private store for documents.

I think everyone knows about WhatsApp. The most widely used messenger for staying in touch with friends and family. It is one of the best mobile app, it works for all phones and desktops computer/laptops. In this post i will tell you how to use whats app to store your documents as private.

You have been using Whats App primarily for text messages, voice messages and video calling, But there are some other interesting uses of Whats App.

Whatsapp as private store for documents

What are they?

You can use this app for private storage space for documents, notes, voice memos and so on. You can access them from anywhere.

How can you do this?

It is very easy. You need to create a new contact and share file that you want to capture privately to this contact. Later, You can access it at any time from any where.

Well, It is not possible to send whats app messages to your own number but there is one simple trick that will help you to fix this problem. For that you need to create a new whats app group with single contact.

Please follow below steps to know how to create Whats app group with single contact.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and create a new group.
  • Add contacts from your address book to this group. Give your group a name and save.
  • Now go to newly created whatsapp group,  tap the group name to view the list of participants.
  • Remove the list of participants mobile number except your number.

So, Now  you have successfully created a group with a single contact. It is  visible only to you and can access this group from both mobile and computer.

If you would like to transfer any document from computer to phone then follow bellow simple steps.

  • Open on the computer,
  • Send the file to newly created group and it will available on your phone.

That’s it!!. Now you can able to access your document at any time from your WhatsApp account and you can easily back up data from your account.

Therefore, in this manner you can create your whats app group use whatsapp as private storage for documents.

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